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  1. Old man, you in here?

  2. Noobs. Noobs everywhere. Looking at you, over there furiously typing a response to defend yourself...

    1. m00jii


      Reeeeeeeeee >_<!

    2. tipsy


      krayyyyyyyyyyyziiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and friessssssssss!

    3. Krayzie
  3. Hes my secretary. Back off. Gratz Son, much deserved. Your effort I. CoD has helped revive our suffocating servers.
  4. Everything's flammable. They want you to light fireworks on like the road and ashes stay on concrete. They're afraid shoots up in the sky, sparks the desert down the way on fire. Poof.
  5. Everything is illegal here in arizona. Nothing above six feet in the air allowed.
  6. Get out here with those onions. I remember when I was first recruited to ET many years ago. And miss the old Hulk and some other old members. Amazing how time flies.
  7. Its similar to a conditioner, but its an oil based balm. Kinda like the oils but more solid. Just seeing if anyone here grows a beard. In a way whoring my beard balm supplier to help him get more business lol. He sells balms for beard and lips. Both are fantastic, I normally hate using lip shit but this stuff I like. https://crazycactusbeardbalm.com/ Hes currently on vacation so his shop doesn't show his products, silly Etsy web page flaw IMO, but yea.
  8. I mean, I'm pretty sure theres a way without unmodding to remove it from the server, at least I think I saw that option in the server config once.
  9. Gentleman grow beards? Are you using a beard balm to help it?
  10. Congrats Shoes! You deserve this promo to Leader for the help both in DOI/INS and CoD4 that you help with. Look forward to many good things from you. Keep up the good work buddy. When you catch me on servers bug me to set your level.
  11. Please don't post duplicate topics. They will be removed.
  12. Our gaming forum is not a place for politics. It will just turn into a pissing match with peoples feelings getting hurt and attacking others. Topic locked.
  13. Cant please everyone. People will always complain about the maps.
  14. B3 has been down. Currently figuring out why it isn't working. Maps rotation was unrelated, although a server restart was an attempt on getting it to work again when maps were rotated.
  15. It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to!

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    2. Krayzie


      No crying here lol. I've got a 5lb beef tenderloin being cooked for me! :)


      Thanks Sis!

    3. Yoda


      Happy Birthday! ;)

    4. AnG3L


      Happy birthday :)

  16. I was in server yes, wasn't watching anything though. Was only in server testing some changes, while working in other programs on said changes. Is he still unable to connect?
  17. Normally to become VIP you have to purchase one of the VIP packages found here:https://fearless-assassins.com/store/ I do see that you have made a donation of $50, so it would now be up to DD to see if he can find a way to move you into VIP section without breaking anything.
  18. Unfortunately there isn't a way for us to definitively tell if they are using it, or just quick with the finger so we can't enforce any rules on it. Frowned upon, and we ask them not to be used, but no way to tell %100.
  19. Links a video that can't even be watched outside of YouTube. Typical iFail user
  20. That is odd. Server should be 1.7 last I checked. Steam or CD version?
  21. My uncles hunkered down in his house in Tampa. Says hes already lost power, about 65mph winds, but believes its gonna pass just west of him and avoid the brunt of the storm. Hopefully it dies down a bit by the time it gets all the way up Florida.
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