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  1. I wish I could get back but I don't think COD works anymore on mac
  2. I have a mac, and I just read online you cannot run the 1.8 update on cod4 mac. Looks like this is the end.
  3. Tried to hop on after a while of inactivity. Just got a new computer and still have to remember how to recover my account, but was not able to connect to the server.. need new update 1.8 or something. How do I update + this might be why many of the regulars aren't on?
  4. Adam#5072 whats up yall
  5. you can look at my record too it looks similar to that Anyways are there new commands.. what to look for?
  6. Usually am very active on the weekends, dont see many of the other admins on which makes me sad but lot of regulars still there that come out every day. Busy with school, work, etc. during the week so. Happy to see a lot more players though recently
  7. You can find me on COD Beginners 24/7

  8. Yea just most guys hating on it because theres usually one guy in there who slays... and one team ends up leaving.. causing the rest of the server to depopulate
  9. Hey guys, I was playing for awhile today and I got a feel for the new map rotation based on how the other players on the server were saying about it. From what I heard and saw, most players old and new like the new rotation EXCEPT FOR vacant with headquarters gamemode. Two rotations in a row and people wanted to skip it.. telling players on one team to just move to spectator so it would forfeit and it would move to the next map. Thoughts?
  10. don't know who john steward is... a better comparison would be jimmy fallon perhaps?
  11. Shut up you!! you're gunna be the only one to stop me
  12. Will try and be there.. been extremely busy lately with exams and such... but can't be not having any fun.. gotta make sure to get at minimum 100+ kills Yea i aint on often and you know who the life of the party is

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