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  1. the gravy station (kfc reference)
  2. Always a pleasure Dun! Welcome bud!
  3. I was in a clan called the PhReaKz between around 2003 to around 2008. Ventrillo, ET, scrims good times. I left because I had a promotion at work that took up all of my time. I went back to their servers/fourms about a year later and it was completely dead...
  4. Welcome! Hoşgeldin arkadaşım!
  5. I used to smoke foies gras at work. We used cherry wood from japan and did a quick hot smoke for 5 mins. One of my favorite things ever actually.
  6. Not sure where that one lands on the creepy scale but A+ for effort
  7. How about removing day break and replacing it with Assault (rtcw map)...?
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