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Monthly W:ET Killer of the month Award December 2014


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-Bots are allowed.
-Must have a minimum of 50 kills to be eligible.
-Screenshots must show the final scoreboard at the end of the map with kills and deaths shown.
-Screenshots must be readable, i.e. not too dark or too small.
-In case of a KDR tie the winner with the most kills takes victory. (ex. 100-20 wins over 50-10 but 50-0 wins over 60-2)
-Please do not post your submission if someone already posted a screenshot with a higher KDR than you.
-Server name must be included or the post will be ignored.
-=F|A= servers only.

This topic gets automatically locked on 01. January and is reserved for contest submissions. Everything else is considered spam and will be removed without comment.

Good luck!

Please, read rules, thanks Co-Leader DJ

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151-40 30min FA3/Beginners


Note: I wasn't able to post a direct picture, for some reason, someone can help me if they want :D

Edited by DJ aka GDR DJ
pic added
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