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Absence from COD4 - Apologies


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Hey everyone, 


First of all I just want to apologize for my lack of availability and not being on the server as much as I used to. Things went south with my first venture and I am currently trying to repay back a lot of what I invested into it. I've had to take on another job on top of my job at the bank. It has been quite a handful these last three weeks but I am managing. However, it has left me with little to no down time to relax and play some COD with all of my friends here. 


Once things get a bit better I will be sure to be back on and active again. I am currently working with some friends at their manufacturing and distribution company where they are helping me start my own line of products. Although I know it will take up a lot of time, I don't want any of you to think I have forgotten about my FA family. You guys are all awesome and I miss playing with you. This weekend I am going to try and squeeze in some time on Sunday (although Father's Day is already hectic). 


Plus I can't let anyone else take the KDR award from me this month so I will be sure to put up some posts and keep competing! Hope everyone is doing well and I am going to install xfire on my laptop so that I can still be online if anyone needs me for anything. Maybe I will try and get away with installing COD on it too and play while on my break at work  B) .


All the best, 



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No worries mate. take Real Life first and thank you for letting us know.


And KDR I will try not to submit.

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You're fired, clean out your locker!   Hehe can't wait to have ya back buddy, get things taken care of, and who knows I may even give ya a run for the KDR award :P

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Now this is funny.  This belongs in spam section.


I just nearly died while reading this. You are a pretty good player phoenix XD

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