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Rubik's Cube


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I can solve it, but I use a noob intuitive way, without memorizing any algorithm


so it takes me some time :P


I like it more like this, I respect those who solve it in 10 seconds but honestly I think it's more fun the nub way, or if not, at least solving it in fewest moves possible (i.e. using brains and not memory, like when solving as fast as possible or blindfolded)

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  • Clan Friend

this is a strange "game" ... i always think: no you woundn't solve it

but then i try for hours, ... without succes :(:P

Don't make the same mistake I did, that is looking up on the internet for methods. Now I will never know if I would have been able to solve it myself or not :(

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There are the computer based ones you can do with a 20x20x20 or even up to a 100x100x100 cube.  I break them down to the algorithms and shorthand ways.  I can solve a 3, 4, or 5 in about 3-4  minutes.  My record for a 20 was almost 3 hours, and the 100 took a few days added up to about 22 hours total.  Boredom leads to strange hobbies.  I can try to find the program if anybody is interested.

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