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Feedback on FA Beginners


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I am MiLkZz. Many of you that regularly visit the Beginners server will probably know me. You will also know that

I play a lot on your server. Like 90% of my time in ET is spend on this server. I am an experienced ET player, this

is my 8th year playing ET (not continuously though). All this experience made me a pretty good player. I have been

high admin in 2 clans. I helped setting up servers, tested thousands of maps and wrote many tutorials as well (still

working on my biggest one). I helped other players getting better and always answered as many questions as I could.

I can be a whiner sometimes =3 (who isn't). But most of the time I am pleasant company and I got tons of friends playing



Now that I gave you some background information about myself, I would like to say a few things about your server.

I'll start with the positive things. You guys got a great team of admins, they work hard and keep the server clean from

cheaters and exploits. I really appreciate all this work because it greatly enhances my gaming experience. There are

practically no cheaters EVER on Beginners. Few months ago, I had some trouble with lags on Beginners (only there),

your admins helped me out and I can say it is fixed now. So even though there are many players playing, the server

runs perfectly with really sometimes a slight mouselag (only recently noticed this :s). The automute system works fine,

it is kinda strict but I can live with it and really makes the server more pleasant. I have never been fan of automute

systems, but I have been an admin too and yes it has it benefits. Another positive thing are (most) of the maps.

Good spawntimers, good map timers, nice ammo respawn speed, amount of medic packs dropped on dying is perfect.

All the setting are great. So overall, this server deserves to have so many visitors daily.


But feedback often has to be negative too and yes, the server is good but not perfect. Recently you guys added a new

map rotation (Hurray :D!). Some maps people complained a lot about got removed; baserace, castle attack,... And

other maps got added. I like the maps. Not huge fan of Minas though :/ (but I can appreciate it now and then). But that

map is good because I know many people like that map and this server should do what most people want.

But the map I want to talk about is El Kef. This map is now hated by many, including me. This map should be removed

and I tell you why. The map design is intended to be for teams of 6 players tops, not 15-20 vs 15-20. This creates a

camp fest for the axis, they got a great positioning the entire map. I made some adjustments on the map with my L33T

paint skillz =3. As you can see, the green arrows are the attack roads from Allies and red arrows are defensive axis

countermoves. In situation 1, all the allies get stuck in that door and get crossfired by axis from both sides. Add a ton

of nades and poison knifes and allies get slaughtered. Ironically because of the big amount of players some get through

and capture the spawn. Situation 1 can be tolerated in a map IF the balance shifted towards the allies afterwards. This

does not happen, situation 2 AGAIN gives you a small entrance full with poison gas, nades, poison knifes, artillery. And

IF you manage to get through, you'll find yourself on a suicide mission because you'll be right INFRONT of the axis spawn.

Now there is another path for the allies, but this is even worse, it requires something to be blown up, before you can pass

and this at only a few metres (3-6feet) away from the axis spawn. They will not only quickly repair it but also shoot you

to bits with their spawnshield still on. The objective is BEHIND the axis spawn, with these mass amounts of players and

short spawntimes, but long spawnshields is quite impossible to do in an organized attack.


tl;dr: In other words, El Kef ain't build for so many players. It is a camp map for the axis with very few options for the allies.

I find this map utterly boring and I hope it could get replaced with a map that is capable to have so many players in it still

with balanced teams. I don't really care which map, as long it keeps a nice balance between allies and axis.



Have fun gaming, and leave your thoughts please :D!


Your milk drinking MiLkZz


ps.: sorry for long post but promised I would give some explanation =3.


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The quality of your post is quite impressive , thanks for taking time to write a clear and complete suggestion.

I totally agree with you +1 for replacing this map.

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The quality of your post is quite impressive , thanks for taking time to write a clear and complete suggestion.

I totally agree with you +1 for replacing this map.


Ofcourse :), like I said I have been admin. I know that posts like 'El Kef socks, remove noaw please, k thanks'

don't work.


If people have a suggestion on a map that could replace this one, feel free to post. On the server some suggested

to bring back Warbell. It was indeed an oké map, not sure why it got removed.

Edited by MiLkZz
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  • Administrators

The Pirate map on Jay4 the bots are stuck standing still at spawn, and the map listed above favors to axis side to much.


I suggest u post that on tracker @jay4 issue.


@Maps, I suggest you make new one then? Balance out axis and allies in your map. But till then we need to choose from the maps which are available.

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