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  1. Happy Birthday Ghostwind!

  2. Ghostwind


    Soccer is oval in Australia? how strange
  3. Ghostwind

    Geting XP and lvl reset whole the time

    this is not exactly an ideal solution either. This means that any other server that you have admin rights on, you will again have to be set on... Crappy situation, but one we have to live with...
  4. Is there really a difference between your two choices? with that being said, there is no government that has not done stupid crap to its own citizens...
  5. Off to Praha on Monday!

  6. Ghostwind

    Geting XP and lvl reset whole the time

    No,you are not the only one. I stopped playing on jay2 forthat reason my xp would reset multiple times a day there. Annoying as hell.
  7. Ghostwind

    Hi all

    Actions speak louder than words, Kulo... To be quite honest, you are one of the most annoying players I have ever dealt with on the servers here. Everyone deserves seconds chances, including you. But, you have recieved more than enough second chances from this community. I really hope your attitude changes this time.
  8. Is currently unavailable

  9. Ghostwind

    Gabe Newell: Windows 8 a "Catastrophe"

    The hi is using new screen element designs (eg. Buttons do not look like buttons). People arte not used to it,therefore hate it. Remember when we all hated the office ribbon?
  10. Ghostwind

    What is the fastest you have ever driven your car?

    what I can say is that people in Germany are much better drivers than in North America. It can be really expensive to get your licence here (upwards of 3000$). Driving here is really easy because people are just so predictable here. IT isn't the unordered chaos that North Americans have to drive with (passing on the right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  11. Ghostwind

    Cat Fails Compilation

    who knew birds could be such Jerks
  12. Ghostwind

    joining a clan

  13. Ghostwind

    What is the fastest you have ever driven your car?

    have you gotten your licence back, yet?
  14. Ghostwind

    What was your first concert?

    It was a concert with several different acts, including the Venga boys playing air guitar...
  15. Ghostwind

    Can someone explain Enemy Territory to me

    pfft... you both just cant handle getting spanked by the 'dren junkies