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  1. and what about TJumiping from ground level to lvl 7 ?
  2. for people outside the U.S. it's always hard to understand, why americans insists on their right to buy tons of weapons. IMHO assault rifles are not a must-have (let's be serious: you don't actually NEED one...it's just about the possibilty to be able to BUY one). I understand, that once people are used to laws (wether they allow assault rifles or not), it's hard to overcome these and re-think about if it's good that almost everybody can buy such weapons or not. but to quote Joske: "Just an European guy thoughts"
  3. As far as I remember it's not possible to cancel airstrikes once the field ops has reached lvl3.
  4. I quit about 2 years ago....actually because I was broke for a week Anyway: as l3fty said, get past the first 4 days and you are good to to. Next try to reach 7 days, then a motnh, etc. That way you have small milestones and it keeps you focused. Besides that: quiting ain't something special Just don't smoke...and don't tell yourself all day, that it's hard....cause that way you think about smoking all day. just ignore it. Good luck mate. You can do it
  5. nice icecream :PPPPPPPPPPPPPP

  6. Lol, what's written below your avatar? :P

  7. nice idea, even though I won'T participate : Etpro makes my fps to about 12 or so =/
  8. well if their friends start to annoying: ignore it or make them stop =) I don't think that vsays should be limited to 1 per minute. there are some spammers there,yes. But not everybody does and sometimes (when the mood is right and everybody get's the joke) 10 seconds vsay spam can make players have more fun. When they start to annoy players,etc. you can always tell them to stop and/or mute. And the people that cry about minas are actually all rushers and/or walljumpers and/or gateskippers that ruined that map everytime they played it. I like that map very much, but it just doesn't work on Jay#4. Therefore I think it shouldn't be uploaded again. If there would be that many people that want this map back, than they can vote in the map section for it.
  9. wurstcola

    Strafe jumping

    Halfbeat is more relaxing to me, since I dodn't have to scrub my mouse all over the desk at all times =) Though I have to say that I'm not good at all in trickjumping
  10. You can also lock your nickname on trackbase. That way nobody will ruin your stats there.
  11. Tried it with TS for some time, but since I have a flatmate it's too annoying. Furthermore it's hard to listen to multiple person talking via those programs, since you don't see any lip-movement. So the brain always has to work a lot in order to seperate those voices . So you won't see me on any of those channels again

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