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I'm basically a stranger around here after being completely absent for... a very long time, and so I felt like making an intro now that I'm getting back into the habbit (addiction) of Wolf ET.


I'm a 22 year old guy, a recent graduate of the University of Houston with a B.S. in computer engineering. I had lived in Houston, Texas all my life up until 2 weeks ago when I moved here to Boise, Idaho. A very far move. I did so to take a job as a DRAM test engineer which starts in 5 days. It was a nice offer from a good company, and I liked everything I heard about the position. I've gotten fairly settled into my new place, but being on my own has left a lot of empty time on my hands.


I spend lots of free time in front of a computer. There's a long list of games I enjoy. Right now I'm also very into the Malazan book series. I keep myself in above average shape (not hard to do) with sports and excersice.


I use to be very involved with my old ET clan, the Blood Bucket. When it died out, I eventually and reluctantly applied to =F|A=. I stayed active on the servers and forums for a good while before school, friends, other interests, and life in general suddenly and completely weeded out my ET time. Based on my last forum entry, that was 1 and a half years ago! :o


So anywho, I seem to be getting back into it for now. It's kinda lame SUCKING so bad nearly every map, but the thing that's brought me back which I haven't found in any other game is the community. I've found that there are still plenty of assholes, but there are still cool people as well. :)


Hope to see y'all on Hardcore, and HAVE A GOOD ONE!

-Tim, MilkTea, mt, tsiology

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hmmm sounds like you are doing well :)


maybe one day I will find a job myself once i finish my degree :D


glad to have you back!



How is idaho? :o

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you left TEXAS?



that must suck.



Although I'll admit, I've been tempted before ;) What part of H-town you from?

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