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  1. Felucius is back

    Hey Guys, i was away for a long Time. I was in trouble wih school but now i would spend more time on the Forum and in Game See you there
  2. Its a virus program

    You'r the best
  3. Where did you have your best meal?

    lol... lol...
  4. i take both, at first...i hope more Sigs come
  5. Heyhoo I want a new Sign so here is my Signature request. What is the signature about? is up to you The size of the signature in pixels? 500x150 or bigger The colour combination you prefer? is also up to you The text you want on the signature? =F|A=Felucius or =F|A=*=Jesus=* or just felucius or Jesus Anything signature maker should avoid? nothingn special Thanks in advance Felu
  6. Where did you have your best meal?

    I have eaten the best meals when i was by my Grandma and You? Thx Felu
  7. Hi from RENARSS

  8. Hi all

  9. hello

  10. Moxie says hello!

  11. Oh, No!

  12. Yo yo from Doktore

  13. Fails

    hm old...but funny