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  1. I've been playing on these servers for a few days, and they are a blast. They have medics (who can revive/heal), engineers (who can build stuff, like sandbag walls, stairs, ied jammer) and the expanded armory package (tons of really cool guns). They also have around 45 points to spend, and the ability to have two sidearms. They also run an unbelievable amount of bot waves (like 60-70 per checkpoint), so the game still feels balanced. Reminds me a bit of ET to be honest. I don't know what everyone else thinks, but our servers have been a bit dead every time I have checked recently. Think this might be a good way to get em going again. (I have tried camping our servers a bit, but hard to stick around for more than 15-20 minutes just by myself)
  2. Use a third party tool if you need to manage passwords. Fond of Dashlane myself.
  3. 1) Hardcore appears to either be bugged, or have a setting that's incorrect - after a successful map completion, it does not automatically provide the map selection screen, it just starts the same map over as if you had lost. 2) Spawn points are still an issue. I don't know that this is fixable, may just be game mechanics, but when too many bots are specified for a checkpoint, they do not all spawn at one time. Around half do, and then the rest spawn as the first ones get killed. This leads to unpleasant surprises, like bots magically appearing in a room you have already cleared. Having bots come from unexpected places is fine, but not impossible places lol.
  4. The addition of vehicles makes me a bit apprehensive. I don't want another Battlefield. But the gameplay looks pretty good so far.
  5. You can try Discord - a lot of us hang out there even when not gaming. Otherwise, you can also try hitting forums and checking at the bottom of the screen to see who is active at that moment. By the way, appreciate the report and the way in which it was made (ie not getting hysterical). Would that everyone was as wise
  6. FA #1 Had a partner at first, then he got scared off. Finished last 4 checkpoints alone. (83:1)
  7. Linux God (aka Parrot)#9700
  8. Crashed a few minutes after joining the regular server. Crash dump is here if anyone is interested:https://pastebin.com/xCXireL6
  9. I've been crashing very often (twice in less than 5 minutes today) ever since I started running this game on OSX. I've got nothing else running at the moment, so it's probably not a memory issue. The hardware is a 2015 era macbook pro, 16gb memory. Anyone else see this issue? Thinking it might be the custom map server, so I'll try the regular one and report back.
  10. I'm so good I can scare the bots into submission and conquer the map without a single shot fired (No idea what happened, the enemy count stayed on 4 the whole map, but never saw anybody)
  11. Last couple of days, I've noticed on some maps that I'm hearing Russian or some other crazy freaking language for all the in-game announcements. ("We've taken checkpoint Bravo" etc). I've checked my Steam settings, and they are set to English. Any idea wtf is going on? Shit's annoying. (I did briefly play on another server a few weeks ago, so maybe that is related? I know that can screw up ET)

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