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Other Roster getting sexy


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A made a simple request. Update your location in your profile! :)

Because many didnt (including founders!!!) and dare also asked for such a functionality, i uploaded 100.000 rows of ip ranges in our database. this took about 5 hours! I needed to install a local php server with a php sql script to get this running lol. (server timeouts..)


The rows look like this:




so if someone has an IP in this a range means he comes from japan. Also the country codes are in there :) We need this lookup table because it would be tooooo slow to make a kind of whois every time.


I found some nice flags images that are named by the country code! So i can render the images without any trouble by the country code that i get from the database for everybodies ip.


So if someone didnt add a location... i add the country automatically. And its flag.


We also have now a complete overview from which countries our members come from. You can read the total count at the bottom of the page.


I made the roster W3C XHTML strict so there shouldnt be any problems in any browsers anymore!


click =F|A= Roster on upper right or use the direct link: http://www.fearless-assassins.com/roster



Its a bit slow at the moment. I imported the country data twice by accitent. I need to fix that and create some indexes. Should be faster then.


Also new. The navigation at the top. Here we have a overview about our ranks and teams.


For now Enjoy!




AND Ryan! You are from Barbados! I hate you for that lol. I want to live there too!

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Great job but maybe add scrim team members as well? If it wouldn't be too much work?


scrim team is there... http://fearless-assassins.com/roster/?action=Scrim%20Team


if you arent listed talk with your master. your level isnt set correctly... or arent you a clan member? your profile says just "member" which means forum member..

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Great job but maybe add scrim team members as well? If it wouldn't be too much work?





No replies :P


Dixus that flags are awesome :D:thanks

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muhaha. yw! :)


the index is created. works faster now.


I need to update the IP / country lookup table. I still wait for a bugfix in the current one. (emlocker is the only one that got no flag). They have some missing ranges for South Africa.


fixed soon.

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ty for the flowers guys.


some news. i changed the roster genearation. I create now pure html files to minimize db traffic. it is pretty fast now. i also testing with cache stuff.


I will set up a cronjob that regenerates the roster files daily. The generation can be started by a url :)

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WOW it is fast now, this afternoon at work was really hard to load the roster page I thought it was the pc cos it's old one, now I'm at home it's completely different when hit roster it's load faster then the forum :blink:

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