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  1. Happy Birthday Mobby!

  2. Mobby

    diablo 3 Diablo 3 player still out there?

    http://eu.battle.net/d3/de/profile/Mobby-2993/hero/234164 EU
  3. Mobby

    MW3 a good game?

    because the game totally ROCKS!!!!
  4. Mobby

    22-year-old German wins poker World Series

    i play Facebookpoker too. But i lost 2 times in a row with 3 of Aces about 800k Chips ;D to frustrating ^^ https://www.facebook.com/Mobby23 and agree with amber!!!
  5. Mobby

    MW3 a good game?

    skyrim is better - oh wrong topic My brother plays it. he said its the same shit like MW2 so i think i am not getting it CoD4 > all
  6. Mobby

    What's with the hackers? xD

    maybe with only vehicles? dont know if they count there
  7. Mobby

    COD: Modern Warfare 3

    as soon as BF3 gets me boring i get it
  8. Mobby

    Best characters always die -.-

    good choice BF3 rocks^^
  9. Mobby

    Best characters always die -.-

    ahhhhhhhhhh SPOILER
  10. dont understand it. its the same like they everytime at same team, against other members its so much more fun
  11. Mobby

    SPOILER - FIrst 20 Minutes Gameplay

    http://www.pcgames.de/Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-3-PC-232918/News/Modern-Warfare-3-im-Test-Eine-Zerstoerungsorgie-im-Stil-von-Michael-Bay-Gamezone-gibt-Traumnote-853155/ german site. scroll bit down and start the video (if you can duo to copyright). they show the unpacking of PS3 and X-Box and after that the second complete mission. Maybe you can watch it.
  12. saw it often that 7 other members are in squads but on other servers.
  13. Mobby

    Awww, I love you!

    the dog is so cuuuute
  14. Mobby

    Theran Highway - BF3 - Map

    i play on highest graphic =) PC Games could be look much better, if the companys would do a PC version of the games. but they didnt. they just do a "graphic-compatible" verison for Console and they dont push the pc graphic. thats why i said it looks shitty. check youtube for High-Res Crysis Mods there you go what could be possible
  15. Mobby

    Theran Highway - BF3 - Map

    thats the reason why the graphics on PC looking so shitty lagg should be fixed. was netcode lagg but today there was a patch for server. Dice said, that it's fixed for now. didnt try it but i'll see