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    Sometimes I slurp when I drink. I find it slightly arousing.
    Also desu.
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  1. Happy Birthday Cranky:>!

    1. SkuLLc0LLector


      Have a great day :)

  2. Cranky:>

    so tru

    Oi you wanna see the shag hut?
  3. Nice concept, I hope they don't botch it up too much.
  4. Hahaha! Damn! Totally unexpected.
  5. That looks pretty promising, a nice break from all the superhero -and action movies.
  6. Cranky:>

    The Internship

    I was very sceptical until I saw Google, but after the whole "Professor Xavier" part I lol'd so hard.
  7. Cranky:>

    Oblivion Trailer

    I'm aching to go and see it, been a while since I last visited a movie theatre. But if anyone can convince me, it would be Morgan Freeman alongside Tom Cruise on a post-apocalyptic Earth.
  8. I've been asking myself that question too. According to wiki: (brace for copypasta) So I guess it wasn't in the comic books, but it hasn't been grasped out of nowhere either. On a side note: EPIC TRAILER. DO WANT TO WATCH.
  9. I love the passive aggression in #3
  10. Dave crowe is a beast! Mastamic is pretty good too
  11. Cranky:>


    I like it. Most of the time I can't understand lyrics, he's very clear and the music is .. well.. atmospheric Thanks for sharing!
  12. Cranky:>

    so tru

    Let's pull some worldies and get mortal!! ****ing mint !!

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