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  1. fifa 2000 on the pc still the best fifa game ive palyed
  2. you should be able to preorder it in most shops and on stuff like amazon
  3. man that major sucks. by the sounds of it custom rom is the only way to go then. that is just diabolical that is. and they call us pirates
  4. im suprised you dont have tethering if you are running stock froyo, since they brought this feature in 2.2 . since youve already rooted your device, theres plenty of apps on google play that should do the job for you, e,g, https://play.google....id.tether&hl=en . probably one of the best known ones is barnacle https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.szym.barnacle&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsIm5ldC5zenltLmJhcm5hY2xlIl0. just take a look round and hopefully things should work out for you. good luck
  5. dont blame them.. not like the diva division is going anywhere fast atm tbh
  6. F257

    $60 tablet

    lol so long as you recongise the limitations and accept them, probably cant get worse than the akash. certaintly there are cheap tablets out there ,and certaintly none of the reviews for any of them have been great review for the akash havent been fanatastic, but the hardware specs speak for themselves (it is sad though that you cant apperntly acseess google play; that is a definte sign of cheapness lol) . what you planning to do with the tablet? if by disposable you mean playing around with it and seeing if you want something better, id say get someyhing like a kindle fire or even a cheap ass android phone like a Samsung europa. The software is just as important as the hardware, if not more so, and at least with the latter options you can acsess google play and see what sort of apps you could play around with and how 'enriching' (so how to speak) they could be to your life. on the other hand if your planning on using it as a portable document viewer (or perhaps even editor; appaerntly you can attach an external usb keyboard ) , and an occasional web broweser, id say go for it. 35 usd is almost nothing for that sort of thing, and though you could get a cheapr android phone for just a little bit more, its proablay easier to view word documents on a 7 inch screen than a 2.5 inch one. just be aware of those specs. this is defintly a small time operation baby
  7. enjoy the bellas whilst they last. reports indicate they're future endeavoured and i did enjoy that three stooges segment myself, even if it was a tad pointless
  8. -come with me-

    1. F257


      the puff daddy song?

    2. Papito


      lol, no, just come with me, i wanna talk with you!

  9. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_video_editing_software
  10. F257

    An apology

    Hey guys and gals, not sure who remebers me lol. But yeah, as I stare down into the taskbar that tells me its just gone into thu, Id like to thank Dare for giving me the courage to finally post here. This is a tale that I hope explains my long absense for those who cares, some of my idiosycrantics, and maybe a bit more. As some may or may not rember, i was one of the first members, and quite possibly my fav fact is that came with Qu!ck and Fred and was the only one who was not bannned, though i always privatly joked that i would eventually go too. And tbh I have. I enjoyed my time here, and have always loved everyone here, even the tards like Maj who threatend to dropkick Joe. But of course, life moves on , and so it was that by the time I got into my peak (sotospeak) here, I started uni, and I really could not afford to play this till the early hours of morning (much like i am now doing with black ops lol). Addiction is a funny thing, and I knew I had to go cold turkey or else. I manged it once when I quit the clan for the first time, and manged to struggle into uni. Then of course I cam back cos I missed everyone, but by that point, my heart wasent really in the game, though tbh ive always, always preffered the forums. Which is why, despite being one of the 'older' members , i never really got into the higher ranks. I didnt really know anyone , so I never really recruited, nor did i ever actually ban anyone. I was just happy minding over the forums This then leads to my biggest regret here, which is that I never really got to know anyone. I made some friends yes, and I adore the crap out of the people i got to know like Baksa and Dare. But , as in life, I am quite the introvert, so though I had Xfire and Vent, I never used them. I know they say that the interent is an annoymous thing, but that only ever works if you remember that. Even though I know people dunno what I look like, who I love and what I hope, i can still get hurt when people pass hurtful comments. I have always, always wished that I gotten to know people better, but mmmm...life is full of regrets eh? I do wish that I had kept a treeline of past members. I remmber the last time i came here I was shocked by the number of people that had either been left or banned. The last time i was proper here, I was shocked by the number of new faces around, like Alex and Kristy . But enough of that. What I am here, really,is to explain my long absence. Firstly, the game . Its a mixture of two things really - the need to go cold trukey mixed with a lack of love for the game. As anyone can happily tell you , Vista is a bastard. And , though it worked at first, in the end, Vista and PB just compeltly fell apart. Sometimes I could get the game running, but it was usually five min before i gave up. In the end it was enough to do the trick of the cold turkey and just kill the affair complelty. So i gave up on the game As for the forums, its again a mixture of two things - one, the lack of gameplaying , amking most of the forums that i would be interested in irrelevent to me and two, as with other forums i have used, such as Rue Morgue for example, I just got bored and moved on . Most likely this was preciptated by my lack of involvment in the game , but the end result is the same I guess real life also didnt help much And so what really I came to the conclusion was that i was no longer part of the clan. Sure, i still liked the people here, and hopefully they me , but I was just not part of the politics. So i knew I should have quit the clan, but i got too scared too of leaving , cos it would mean i was actually leaving what was no doubt one of my fav clubs of my life, and that i was proud ot serve, In the end the descion was made for me , but I still feel i should stick here that i am leaving, that i did enjoy my time here, that i am glad of the friends i made and that i may visit again in the future, but its unlikely to be frequent tbh Take cares and so long all . Love you all to bits xxx F257 No doubt still visible at http://www.last.fm/user/F257 and http://www.youtube.com/user/F257
  11. Do you have the wallpaper u posted in desktop wallpapers topic, the one with the girl black and white and with some cool green things in the arms :) ?

  12. play et someday, i can't remember when i saw you on server :o

  13. Earlier, as I was scouring the forums, an intresting question was posed by one of the new trials who asked about the 3 person referral rule. For those who don't know, it's a rule that requires a trial member to refer at least 3 members (who then become trial members themeseves) before they can become a full member. Don't think of it as a set rule tohugh but think of it as the main way. Its possible to surpass this just by being a really good member, helpful and all that. In many ways it's easy to think of this a earning a qualification, with the alternative working hard and making your way up to the top that way instead of getting a degree. Regardless, this got me thinking, why do some trials move faster than others? At last count , there are over 120 trialsfrom all the games. A quick look suggests 5% have not visited the forum for some time and so are unlikely to progress in the near future, a further 10-15% have been trial for some time and are very much activite members of the community, and the rest are new; whether they will make it I do not wish to speculate. And so I've been turning this thought over and over, and alas, at 2 in the morning I come to a rather pragmatic (and perhaps contrevesal) conclusion in that pehaps some people are perhaps simply destined to be trial for ever, least till they change. I do not write this as a hard and fast rule, and nor I am sugesting it applies to anyone in particular. What I am making instead is some broad, general, statements based on my views which I concedde may not be perfect, and at no point am I suggesting this be taken seriously. What I propose then is there are 4 'types' of trials, Type A, Type B, Type Cand Type D Type A and B may be seen as the bad and the ugly Type A Now type A is the bad type, the type that wants to 'clean up' the server so to speak. Now it's good to help the server, but less so when you take the law into your own hands. And so these people play on the servers, and get sick of the trouble makers. They join with good intentions, but when they get the 'power' they realise what they can do and start abusing their power. They realise they are in a postion of power, and kinda forget their places and so are quite ready to dish out punishment snd get into fights with other admins when disciplined , in a sort of 'why shoulden't I ?' sttitude. These sort of people get demoted or kicked out usally Type B Type B is ugly; they aren't bad but expect a bit more than they should. They play the server , enjoy it , stay there and become a regular, and don't cause hassle. After a while, it sorta clicks how long they been playimg , and start thinking to themselves they could make it into the clan, and so apply but without the intention really to do much but earn the badge, a 'badge-hunter' so to speak. And so they apply, check into the forums now and then to see how they're doing, maybe have a poke around the forums for a bit, but not do much preffering to just play the game. Then they get into trial, and pretty much go 'K thx bye' . They get the trial status, and sorta learn they can patrol the servers a bit, so mute annoying people, kick mortar humpers but don't really have the intention of doing much else . Later on it sorta clicks how long they been a trial and so they start wondering why they aren't full member yet without really understanding why. And so they start asking, but when told what they have to do they kinda resent the extra effort and so just stay wher they are, or try but give up if they feel there's no quick reward soon Now Type C and D are the 'good' type, and could be seen to be the flip side of A and B. Type C Type C is intresting, in that they help the clan, and yet it's more for their own means than anything else. So they join the clan , not for the badge but rather because they have friends in the clan and wish to be in the smae 'club' so to speak. So they see Player X is in the clan, and aspire to be at the same level, to make themselve equal almost. So they apply, get trial. Thats part one done. Now they want to be full member, so they start looking for ways to help, and they help but once they've helped enough their level of effort starts to go down once they reach the same effort, or are comfortable with the level they are (for example if their friend is a co-leader or higher, and they feel its too much of an effort to get that far). And so these people are helpful , and do contribute to the clan, but it's more their own lesuirly pace than anything Type D Type D is the best, insofar that they become great people without even realising it. You ever notice that if you really enjoy something you will put effort and time into it without even notcing your doing so? That's what these people are like. They join the clan not for the badge, but because they honestly want to help and coulden't really care bout the badge, and rather see it as a means to an end. They help on the server in ways they can without a need for a badge, such as anwsering queries like 'How do I change my name?' and get satisifaction from helping people (the neeed for praise is not really needed). These people then are either recommended or join because they think they can help further, and like Type B potter around the forums, but unlike Type B , poke where they think they can help like the 'Hekp' or 'Suggestion' section. They get accepted, and continue working, but they operate at a point where they dont notice they are working great. So these people don't even think about the 3 person referral rule , they just refer people naturally. They patrol the servers and don't think bout the reward, they just like helping out, and it's a pleasent suprise when they get promoted, but it's not going to change them. I don't suggest people work towards a reward, because I 've yet to meet a co-leader or leader who is co-leader or leader just because they want to be one. The leaders here didnt go asking 'oh make me leader' , they were made leaders without them really thinking bout it As I suggested this is just an opion of mine. And whilst they reflect my opions, in no way do they reflect that of the clan's. Everyone has a different reason for joining, and whatever it is, so long as it's not malovelent, it should not stop you joing

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