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Sports Fans, Best Supporters And Favourite Chants


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I found this video a while back, from the Lech Poznan Cup. Great crowd support... for under 12's! Yes you read that right - under 12's!



I've been to a few matches myself, most recently Tottenham vs Liverpool where we(Liverpool) lost 4-0 :( Amazing experience especially when the Liverpool fans started singing You'll Never Walk Alone and I started to get goosebumps. It's one thing hearing it on the TV but hearing it live is even better. The sad part is that they only started singing the first verse and the whole stadium started chanting for Spurs. It's one of those moments where you have to be there to experience it.


I remember as well about 3 years ago I was at the Setanta Cup final in Cork where my local club Cork City were playing Glentoran. We were sitting in the big section of the ground (called The Shed) and the Glentoran fans started singing. About 10 words in, the whole Shed just belted out "Ole Ole Ole" which was funny since the other team were from N.Ireland :D


Also this chant is fairly popular for the club. Simples.

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I also think that "You'll Never Walk Alone" at Anfield must be awesome, even though I'd rather walk alone :P

Generally the atmosphere at a Premier League match is great. I love the chants, as they are actually songs and not just "ole ole".

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@ Q10 Great Vid and Awesome moment in sport but this topic is about the supporters not so much the players. Would love to see more of your teams supporter group. :rolleyes:

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After a 2-1 home win somewhere earlier in the season. I'm in the crowd somewhere, can't find myself though. I'm a season ticket holder at Club Brugge and I'm going to every away game possible. I drive around 10.000 miles a year for them. My whole life kind of revolves around it.

We haven't got the greatest support compared to all these Ultra groups, but i can tell you, you won't forget a night in Bruges.





This last clip was made somewhere in January and was displayed live for the first time in front of a home crowd of 26.000 last week. It's some sort of 'thanks' towards the fans for their support and a motivation for us to support them even harder. The video is going viral with 200.000 views in less than 1 week




10 matches before the end of the season we're in second place 3 points behind Anderlecht. Still to play eachother twice.

FC Bruges; passion for life.

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