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    hello everyone, I'm ReedLAb on the Abner Doghouse server.

    I just graduated from university (applied physics major, yuck) and I'm looking for jobs/thinkin' about grad school/professional school.

    I love shakespeare and theater, but alas, those are just dreams. Speaking of which, I would also love to be a sports journalist or even better a color commentator for the NBA or some of the european soccer leagues.
    i guess these are for another lifetime.

    Recently, I've taken up photography--following a childhood dream of working as a photographer for National Geographic and traveling the world, meeting people of all sorts of backgrounds and cultures, and being a citizen of the world. a little too romanticized but I can't help myself.

    I've tried cooking and gardening too but I don't think I've got the patience for that, anyway, I'm slowly learning.

    I enjoy being part of the FA community, here's to many years of fun!
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  1. yes i do have windows vista but even when i run as administrator i can't play the game anymore...it keeps telling me "cod4 modern warfare couldn't write a file. the hard drive is probably full" this is a file write error not a permission vista problem....anyway, thanks for the help
  2. 1st day of work tomorrow!

  3. cod4 file write error...i can't play cod4 anymore, please help!

  4. hi guys, everytime i click on the .exe for cod4 a file write error pops up and says "cod4 modern warfare couldn't write a file. the hard drive is probably full" but i still have ~100gb of free space left in my harddrive... any ideas how to resolve this? i would just reinstall but i can't find my cd anymore
  5. been playing MW3 for the past month, will get back to cod4 sooner or later i hope...

  6. power is back...finally! and 6 days without internet :(

  7. hi guys, I'm wondering what is the most economical video card that can still play this game at decent settings... what video cards would you guys recommend? i'm kinda broke right now so i can't spend too much, thanks for your help!
  8. cool! that looks fun! man, one of these days, i hope to join some sort of sailing club and sail one of those gorgeous 90ft catamarans that go up to 30mph...one can dream!
  9. lol on the wife approval. goodluck with the new setup, although with those upgrades, i'm worried we'll lose you to BF3 and those newer games...
  10. hmmm...for some reason the server ghost is suggesting we scrim on doesn't show up on my available servers list...I can only see the Abner server... also, did we arrange on a time yet? or is it gonna be a day-long event
  11. and running and running, and running and running,...

  12. anybody left in this tournament can be any other side on their day. anything can happen in football but Spain has stacked things in their favor by having the most technical players essentially operating within the Guardiola system. Without game-changing players like Puyol and Villa however, this current incarnation of la furia roja are at their weakest. It's not the same Spain side that thoroughly outplayed Portugal and KOed them in the world cup, but, still, they should progress with a comfortable 1-0 win. If Portugal score 2 goals however, Spain are in trouble as they lack the firepower to score 3 goals on elite sides. My guess is Spain wins, 1-0.
  13. Cech has been the best keeper since 2012 began. he could have done nothing about any of those 4 goals...his defense let him down and the russian attack was awesome...
  14. we are all witnesses

  15. OKC in 6. they have too many weapons and are too long and athletic. they are also very hungry and they're fighting for each other now. As long as westbrook follows the game plan, OKC should win the championship...it's when he goes on those wild possessions that okc run into trouble. heat need bosh back to give them interior presence so that's a must against perks & i-block-ya. heat also need wade to avg 25 a night without taking 25 shots to get there. even if lbj balls outta his mind like tonight against the Cs, heat still need to get other guys flowing if they are to deal with the multitude of clutch players who make big-time plays deep in the 4th that okc have...case in point, every time the spurs made a rally harden, fish, or durant would sink a dagger 3... should be a great matchup either way.

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