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nobody online in the morning!


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hey guys!


didnt know where to post this topic so was thinking to post it here. ^^




5 min ago i was playing on the =F|A= NO MARTY Server ( COD4).


4 vs 3 no =F|A= member online 5 of the 7 used marty and there was nothing i can do.


i told them to remove it but the didnt listen so its very annoying to play on a no marty server whit 5 people that are using marty and you cant do anything about it.


so plz fix it.


greeting elu$ar!

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Isn't the auto kick working for marty? Players using marty should be auto kicked.




I also approved your trial application. Next time you notice continuous rule break, take short demo of 5 mins and post it on forums and we can issue temp ban.

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auto kick is working dare. I'm usually on at the time but havent been on for a few days because something came up. I will be back tomorrow playing the same times....just pm me when you want me on and I can come on. Going to be up anyways....

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I try to get on in the mornings (PDT) and though i can't kick or ban yet, I've warned a few people who ended up either getting kicked from the warnings or ended up being auto kicked. There's always going to be pockets of time when no one is available to police the server, and in those cases Joe's suggestion may be the only option (or you can wait until he kills two other people that way.... either or, he'll get booted). It's frustrating, I know, but it's kinda hard to solve the problem. The good news is that since Dare approved your trial, eventually you may not need to wait for someone to come on to help, as in time you might be able to take care of the problem players yourself.

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