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  1. Hey folks. I haven't posted here in a while, but I thought i'd share one of the covers I've done recently. please note, I've only been playing for about 4 years on guitar and 2-3 on bass (very infrequently) so I've simplified a lot of this and there's a few mistakes still kicking around. In any case, I just did it for fun, so i hope you like it.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BUQ__MtcW8
  2. I'll still pop on from time to time, but I only seem to get onto the server once a month, maybe twice. This, right now, is the most activity I've contributed to the forum in (probably) half a year. I still really enjoy the game and the members are pretty top notch. Aside from my actual career, I'm in the thick of producing my own film right now, and whatever time I've had in the past is getting wiped out by that, and most likely will until the end of 2016.That doesn't mean I won't pop on for an amusing few minutes of getting killed by LA (lol). I just figured that my inactivity is getting worse as a result, and as I don't have the ability to commit any more it would be best to tap out. That being said, I'm not cemented there. I do like being able to clean things up for other players if we've got a trouble maker, and I like the friendships I've built up over the years with other players. I'll think about it further then, but I honestly don't expect my activity level to increase much for the next couple years.
  3. Hi, folks. It's been a fun ride, but after getting my 2nd inactivity notice I've finally come to the conclusion that it's time for me to step down. I'm simply not on enough to be particularly effective. That being said, I will pop on and say hi when possible. Between my jobs (I have a few) and my own projects, I simply can't dedicate much time. Nor can I predict when that time will come about. It has been a lot of fun though, and I'll see you all around ingame when i can stop by. Thanks everyone.
  4. Good seein you guys in there today. Small group, but still fun. I'll try to swing by again tonight or tomorrow.
  5. It'll be a little while until I'm able to get onto ts... I'm in Vietnam for a few weeks, but will try to figure things out once I'm back in rainy old Vancouver.
  6. Unfortunately, the server doesn't seem all that active. Occasionally it's busy, but I just watched a room of about 8-12 people clear out because some guy was using a tube and they wouldn't wait until i did the two warnings then kick thing. Oh well. It does occasionally pick up, and when it does it's a lot of fun.
  7. Some of my favorite movies were from the 70's and 80's.... in the days before movies were written more by producers than by writers. But that's simply my preference.
  8. By the time episode 4 rolls around, other people have been cloned. Further, the empire had supplemented the clone armies with enlisted troops (the original book based on 1977's Star wars mentions something about Biggs wanting to join the alliance before he's drafted into the empire). There's supposed to be some sort of entry regarding this in Wookipedia. That being said, the shot is not in context, so no one knows at this point who the stormtrooper is.
  9. Actually, one of the things that was quite publicized was the use of miniatures instead of CG for a great many things. Model makers have 7 year contracts with Star Wars.
  10. thankyouthankyouthankyou!!! :all rock: and any other emoticons you can think of.
  11. Hey Doug, I've played on a laptop with about the same specs. you have to drop the quality down on your graphics a bit but you should be able to play just fine. It will take some getting used to tho. Dunno about TS. By the way.... I was just askin about the rules... didn't mean to open such a can o worms.
  12. Just curious... will the rules be the same... no last stand/tubes? Just left a server and all you could hear is "foop" "foop" of grenade launchers. That being said, whatever you decide is fine by me. Just curious though.
  13. I'll definitely be back. I went to 1.7 because Abner had become a ghost town at the times I was able to get on (which is infrequent at best).... still my favorite COD4 server.
  14. Hey guys... I keep looking into the FA Abnerdog server and there never seems to be anyone online. Has it been abandoned? I've been wanting to play but it's not a lot of fun haunting a dead server. Just curious what's up.

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