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=F|A= Fireteams?


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Heey i think i have a great and nice idea for clan :)

we can make Fireteams .. not fireteams in game what u think , we make them self.

If someone will make a fireteam , he must ask first leader . Then he make subforum = Fireteams

and in that subforum are the maked fireteams what ppl maked. ppl can join the fireteam if the FIRETEAM leader agree..

Then he can wear the fireteam tag! example FTF ( first to fight ) is then example my name if i join! =F|A=Style|FTF only wear ft tag if you are in!

If you make a fireteam then can only 20 ppl join more not .. if we have few fireteams we can make a War server for fireteam if fireteams making a war ..


What u think?

Yes or no??

tell it here!


i hope u understand? :P i do some things with translate



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You're suggesting changes of the structure of a clan you're not a member of?


If you're looking for an easy way to get into the clan, no. Wait a few weeks and find out if you're accepted or not. I don't see a need for fireteams.

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Yeah i'm not a fan either tbh, regardless of your position here >.< I don't think it's constructive to devide us into groups.. I'd hate to not be in the same 'fireteam' as like 90% of the guys here.. we're so tight as a F|Amily I wouldnt want to be devided up xD

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