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Escape 2 - escape2.pk3 and waypoints - Enemy Territory Map


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Escape 2 - escape2.pk3 and waypoints

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Download pk3 name: escape2.pk3

Map name: escape2.bsp
Author(s): Leif "LowLife" Hansen




Allied pow's has to make an escape attempt. To do that they must either :

1. Construct an assault ramp, to gain access to the axis lookout passageway(Here axis

can setup a barrier to slow down the allied progress). The constructon of the assault ramp

will also give allied a forward spawnpoint in the lookout(Here axis probably will try to blow the

assault ramp to get the spawnpoint back .

2. Break 1 or more of the 3 fences(Here axis probably will try to rebuild some of the fences)

Get to the maingate, and blow that up. The destruction of the main gate will make the lookout

spawn permanent.


Once inside the the main camp allies should try to take control of the commandpost(on the

first floor in the feldkommandantur) and the flag outside to get another forward spawn.

To get access to the main entrance area allies have to either :

1. Steal the big shell from the ground floor in the ammo bunker, take it to the gun and fire

it to blow the wall.

2. Blow the ammo cache on the third floor in the ammobunker to get access to the tunnel

to the radio bunker.

Blowing both the wall and the ammo cache will give allies another forward spawn in the ammobunker.

There is a pile of crates and barrels at the feldkommandantur that can be stacked to form

an alternative way into the ammobunker.


With access the entrance area, all allied now have to do, is to steal a steal the codebook

from the locker on the top floor in the radio bunker. Open the gate by repairing the gate-

control, and escape with the book to truck outside the main entrance.


Plan "B" is to sneek in with a disguised covert op and an engineer through the axis teamdoors.

escape2 waypoints.rar

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