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Castle Eltz Beta 1 - eltz_beta1.pk3 and waypoints - Enemy Territory Map


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Castle Eltz Beta 1 - eltz_beta1.pk3 and waypoints

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Download pk3 name: eltz_beta1.pk3

Map name: eltz_beta1.bsp




Axis Scientists have been working on a Teleporter Device inside the Castle of Eltz.

This Teleporter is powered by rare pieces of crystals...

Allied Forces must Infiltrate the Castle and steal these crystals.

The crystals must be delivered at the Zeppelin


Axis Objectives:


The Tunnel Grate: Defend the Tunnel Entrance, once destroyed, The allied forces can enter the Tunnels.

The CommandPost: Building the command post will give the Allies a new spawn point.

The Generator: Do not let the allied forces destroy The Generator.

The Crystals: Defend our Teleporter.Do not let the Allies steal the Crystals.

The Zeppelin: Stop the allies from taking the Crystals to the Zeppelin.


Allied Objectives:


The Tunnel Grate: Destroy the Tunnel Entrance and gain access to the Tunnels.

The CommandPost: Building the command post will give us a new spawnpoint."

The Generator: Destroy The Generator.*Once destroyed, the East and West gate will open and we can enter the Castle.

The Crystals: Make your way to the Teleporter and steal the Crystals."

The Zeppelin: Take the crystals to the Zeppelin"

eltz_beta1 waypoints.rar

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