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Troop Train 1.2.0 - trooptrain_120.pk3 and waypoints - Enemy Territory Map


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Troop Train 1.2.0 - trooptrain_120.pk3 and waypoints

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Download pk3 name: trooptrain_120.pk3
Map name: trooptrain.bsp
Author(s): 2Bit




Axis are transporting armour reinforcements to the front line. Allies must destroy the 2 tanks on the trains before they arrive at their destination. All the action takes place on two moving trains adjacent on parallel tracks.


First objective is to blow up the crates that block the Allies path up the train. This gives them access to the midtrain flag forward spawn, and sets them up for the final push to the front of the train where the Tiger tanks are being transported.


Players can move through the carriages, or along the top or sides, and can jump from one train to the other.


Passing overhead gantries and bridges help to prevent sniper domination, and quick respawn times mean players are never missing from the action for long. The straightforward layout also means it's quick to learn and no-one gets lost. With a 10 minute map time limit, I believe it is best played in stopwatch mode.

trooptrain waypoints.rar

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