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What do you get?


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Pick the number of the month you where born

1----I rolled into the saw dust pit with

2----I ate in the chow hall with

3----I repelled out of a chopper onto

... 4----I sang cadence with

5----I sky dived with

6----I swam with

7----I did physical fitness with

8----I did guard duty with

9----I parachuted out of an airplane with

10---I did 100 push- ups with

11---I cleaned my barracks with

12---I ruck marched with

Pick the day (number) you were born on

1-------Wonder woman



4------ George of the jungle


6-------The Powderpuff girls

7-------Angelica Pickles

8-------Felix the Cat

9-------Tom and Jerry

10-------Alvin (The Chipmunk)

11-------Donald Duck

12-------Mighty Mouse

13-------Yogi Bear and Boo Boo

14-------Space Ghost

15-------Winnie the Pooh

16-------Ren and Stimpy

17-------Bugs Bunny

18-------Woody Wood Pecker




22-------Pink Panther

23-------Betty Boop

24-------Beavis and Butthead


26-------SpongeBob Sguarepants

27-------Charlie Brown

28-------Bart Simpson

29-------Homer Simpson

30------- Speed Racer

31-------Mickey Mouse

Pick the color of shirt or whatever you are wearing

White-------Because I'm HOOAH and I wear wanderoos!

Black-------Because I was hyped up on Mountain Dew!

Brown-------Because I’m the biggest fan and all I wear is their clothes.

Pink--------Because I'm the baddest mamma jamma on the face of the earth.

Red---------Because the voices told me to act just like him.

Blue--------Because we are hot and I do what we want.

Green-------Because we are both smarter than you.

Purple------Because I'm an American Soldier.

Grey--------Because that's how I roll with my looney tune friends.

Yellow------Because they get along with me better then these other cartoon caracters.

Orange------Because we are loud and proud.

Other-------Because thhhaaaatttsss all Folks.

Now post the sentence which u made...

- For Example:

I Was Born on June(6) -----I murdered

2-------your mom & I'm Wearing a Yellow Top |Yellow------Because someone offered me 1,000,000 dollars.

The Full Sentence...I murdered your mom Because someone offered me 1,000,000 dollars.




I swam with George of the jungle Because we are hot and I do what we want.

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