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  1. Happy Birthday Gasterbator!

    1. Sasirou


      Happy Birthday

  2. Merry Christmas, ass! You ever coming back? Hope you made out well on Christmas!

  3. Merry Christmas broseph!!!

  4. WHAT UP BRO?! Grats on the promotion

    1. =Death Hunter=

      =Death Hunter=

      Oh yeah!!!When u gonna be back on??? We need to slaughter! Check this out dude!>>> http://fearless-assassins.com/topic/39180-my-new-rig-finally/

    2. Gasterbator


      Yeah we need to slaughter! School been kicking my butt man school schedule is mon-sat so dont even have time for ET... hell dont even have time for games in general...

      haha your rig sounds nice and clean hahah! but does it LOOK as nice ?! lets see some pics !!

  5. Hey hey Gasterbator, how have you been ? I restarted to play on F|A jay2 again after a long break without PC here. Hope all is fine with you man.

    1. Gasterbator


      Oh man really?! good to know you have your PC back.. I'm fine.. been away from gaming for a while and just volunteering and such. How are you doing good sir?

  6. I'm ok, been busy watching little Bacon since he's been on spring break. Got him to start pissing standing-up last weekend....like a boss.

  7. BaconBator... hows that sound? nahhh im keepin GasterBator ;) how you doin brotha?

  8. awww yeahh pnk hows it going bro!? I been busy with school and what not... grats on being promoted!! what have you been up to?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Gasterbator


      240gb SSD for 200 with 30 mail in rebate

    3. Gasterbator


      but thats still a lot so i dont know... and i dont know much about OCZ so i cant say much about it


    4. deadpnk


      lol yea no xD

  9. did you ever get that game on steam i told you was on sale? you can find me on steam dude

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. docwarren


      We all know you love the meat. No need to flaunt it.

    3. Gasterbator


      new computer then bacon? haha

    4. deadpnk




      ... >;/ we miss u *foreveralone.jpg*

  10. Yeah, I'm not exactly busy these days. But I can be found on jay2 as always. I stopped using xfire for a bit there, as nobody rly msg'd me there and it just took up bandwidth. Thanks for the happy birthday tho duder! We'll catch up!

  11. just truckin along as usual.... gamin when i can

  12. Mr Honey Bun Krauer ;) dropped by to say hi hehe

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