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I recently have taken up shooting as a new hobby. So far I've purchased 2 guns and obtained one from my Mom's dad. I have my mom's dad's older Remington 1100 12 gauge which I have no been able to test fire yet, but here are my first two. I've already posted pics of the rifle, but the handgun I got last week from gunbroker.com



The rifle case is all loaded up for a range visit. I recently purchased a 22LR bolt conversion kit for it so I can shoot cheap .22LR ammo instead of .223 to save some money. Price difference is 3 cents per bullet compared to 30 cents. The first time out the .22 bolt had several no fires and jams. Since then it has cycled maybe 100 rounds flawlessly.



.223 vs .22LR. The difference in sound and kick is significant. The 22 is a blast. All you have to do is use a different magazine and bolt to switch between the ammo.



I recently purchased a gun that I have been searching for, the M&P Pro 9MM 5" in dual tone. The pro means that this gun comes with a improved trigger and fiber optic sights for competition. I got to shoot it Saturday and it was awesome. The trigger feels great. Now I want to get a better trigger on my rifle. I'll need to have a little more practice before I'll be entering in some of these IDPA matches. ;)



Looking good



Close up of barrel and front optic.



The stock sight was green up front. I knew that I'd probably want red. Since that is the color my eye is trained for after years of ET... LoL, that and my AR has a red dot. The green was not as bright as it looks in this picture.




I think it will work a lot better for me. I did this switch earlier tonight. Was relatively easy to change the fiber optic color. Rip out whats in there. Melt and clean all the old stuff off. Melt an end of the fiber optic which will make it balloon out to about double the original diameter. Cut a bit off. Slide it into the sight. Cut to fit and melt the other end in. I got 3 feet of red for under $10 from http://www.fiberopti...com/Archery.htm which should last a lifetime...

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There are many states that allow you to own a fully auto gun. The gun has to be made before 1986 and you have to obtain a $200 tax stamp and long approval process. The guns are very expensive since they are old and you cannot own a newly manufactured one.

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Yeah it all depends on the state. Full auto is legal in Nevada no problem, and Oregon as well I think. Hell when I was in Tahoe last month, I saw advertisements for a gun range that would let you shoot a G18 that you rent from them.

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Went to the range today and got to shoot my shotgun for the first time. It was my mom's dads and has a serial which looks to date the gun to 1964 which is pretty cool. I disassembled it last week and scrubbed and lubricated every part of the gun and also replaced a very old o-ring for the gas system. It's in great shape except for a little of the paint on the barrel tip removed. I wasn't sure if it was going to shoot properly or not, but it shot great. :camper






Some fun:



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SL9niX8kSM&context=C33af497ADOEgsToPDskJ0uuJd3Icg5IkCPoDk2Uco Shooting at number 3.




My GF shooting the AR



And the 12 gauge loaded with 00 buckshot. I was actually pretty nervous trying this bad boy since I have never shot anything but target shot in a shotgun. It had a pretty good amount of kick. It was more than I was expecting. It also got peoples attention in nearby lanes lol. I wish I took a picture of the lady silhouette that we shot at. That 00 buckshot destroys anything nearby. The clerk at walmart handing me 20g slugs instead of 12g... I wanted to try those out too :(


I didn't get any pistol shooting taped, but we went out and watched some competitive IDPA shooting at a nearby gun club which was cool. Also someone at the range had a fully automatic Thompson which was impressive and drew a lot of attention. All in all a great day :)


We shot at http://www.2ashootingcenter.com/range which is a nice brand new range here in Tulsa.

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can't you get a garand rifle nade? You play et but don't own a single WWII gun. If I was collecting guns, I'd definetly start with those. Or are they far to expensive or rare now?

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WWII guns can be expensive, but they will probably keep rising in price. I'm currently only looking into buying practical guns that have a use. It would be cool to have pieces of history, but I like things I can shoot. It would be very hard and expensive to own a rifle nade garand here lol. I'd really want a Thompson or MG42, well the ammo would bankrupt me... Suprisingly I have been able to sell stuff like my AR pictured above and part out the upgrades for what I have paid for them even after using them. There is always people looking to buy stuff around here. I like accurate and reliable guns. If I was collecting guns to store than yes I would be looking for rare/old guns, but I like shooting em.


TheShadow, yes that would be cool. Remington 700's or a Savage would be a nice bolt action.

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