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  1. Already Gone -The Eagles http://youtu.be/iYCPccFQHWA Walk Away - The Eagles http://youtu.be/WXtg9zg1ggc
  2. KoopaTroopa


    What grade did you get?
  3. I thought this was a neat piece of movie lore. I love the Alien Franchise, so I gravitated toward this quite quickly. It is an official looking Field Manual for the M41-A "Pulse Rifle" from the movie Aliens, carried by the Colonial Marines. Data Card
  4. KoopaTroopa


    Got a new stock on her, and a light mounted on the side. Bought a side rail for my PRI upper mount and mounted the light there. Also mounted the Railed Spring cover (the kind you can get from Zahal.org, got it from http://www.corwin-arms.com) and put the EoTech 512 on it. I really like this setup. My wife says it looks mean now. She thinks it should be banned. O0 BTW she is only kidding! ;D
  5. KoopaTroopa


    My VZ has been updated! Got a new stock on her, and a light mounted underneath. Might buy a side rail for my PRI upper mount and mount the light there sometime. I have a railed spring cover coming in the mail to mount my EoTech on, so stay tuned for pics of that
  6. KoopaTroopa


    Just build your own. ARs are super easy.
  7. KoopaTroopa


    I just bought it yesterday so I haven't had the chance to do anything with it :/
  8. KoopaTroopa


    And updated the look with an optic!
  9. Technically you are paying for a "service." However, you are "trying" DVDs for "Free" because you are not "buying" them.
  10. KoopaTroopa


    Fixed your blatant weapon identification error, you ! lol I will post a pic of her when she is all gussied up! Might be a month or two though!
  11. KoopaTroopa


    That is on my wish list. If I ever get enough extra money, I want to buy a Dragunov SVD. I true Russian one. Not a Tigr shorter barreled model, and not a Chinese NDM version. I want the real deal Russian SVD. They go for around $5,000 US here if you can even find one.
  12. KoopaTroopa


    My multinational VZ mutt in it's almost complete (yes, I know I change it constantly) form. Soon as tax time gets here, a red dot and a light will be on their way! Czech VZ Military Polymer folder (has standard metal folding stock inside of the polymer) Canadian NEA Lower hand guard US PRI Upper railed piston cover US VZ Long Grip US Magpul RVG IDF Bungee Sling Soon to be had: Czech OKO Red Dot sight with metal cover Some kind of tactical light. Would like to send it in and get the muzzle topped with something more appropriate, along with a refinish to a more VZ Grey color.
  13. I understand what you mean DrJoske, it can get a little misleading. But what it basically is, when the Constitution was written, there wasn't the bazillion in defense budget kind of stuff. It was meant to ensure a limited form of government, and the Bill of Rights was made to make sure that the government didn't infringe on certain rights, rights which if infringed upon or suppressed, would be in opposing conflict with what the framers of the Constitution had in mind when writing it. Hope this helps a bit.
  14. KoopaTroopa


    My dad used to carry a S&W 6906 I believe? Either that or a 5906. Can't remember correctly lol.

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