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Anaa on vacation?!


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Yep! ^_^

I will be going away for about one week.

My destination? Home, Sweden. Just like E.T, except I'm not leaving this planet, just this country.

Back to Lund I go to visit with some family and few friends for 2 days, and then up to Stockholm, and all around it to get pissdrunk with all my other friends that I have not seen face to face in a year. If you live around Stockholm (And I actually know you VERY well on here), let me know if you want to show up at one of the many bars my friends and I will be being loud and quite possibly be getting kicked out of :D Please not if you're under 20 though as that's age of most of the places we frequent, and we absolutely can not, will not, have a sober person with us! Only reason I'm willing to do this - I'll be in another country, and I know damn well you can't stalk me from there, plus with the amount of people I'll have with me at all times, it's not like anything will happen to me ^-^


Also! If you have any suggestions for bars to go to that I may not know about, tell me now, although my friends will pick most, as hopefully by the end of my first night there I won't remember my name, I do have 2 places picked out I heard were absolutely AWFUL and I want to see for myself XD



Anyways, wish me luck, that my airplane wont fall apart over the ocean or something, that i wont get so drunk i'll fall in the road, or that at some point I'll remember my name :) Because it's going to be a very fun ride >:)



To all my friends : I'll have my phone with me... if I remember it exists, remember how to charge it, and remember how to use it, I might be on xfire once or twice. I should be on for the first 2 days, cause that will be mostly family and such. Just boring formalities I figured I should do if going. Also prior to going I'll be organizing another game night...so yeah.




Anyways, I'll still be around for the next week and a half, I just wanted to make sure everyone knew, kthxbai <3

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When I was in Stockholm with the State Dept., we went to a place called "Akkurat". These guys have hundreds of specialty beers and if you like whisky, welcome to heaven. They have the largest whiskey collection I have ever seen. I cant remember where it is exactly but its in Södermalm. :cheers

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Take the pics!!!


dare is stalking you beware!!!


have fun :) bring me back some goodies!

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