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Battle of Wolken 4 (Wolkenkanone) Final - wolken4_final.pk3 and waypoints - Enemy Territory Map


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Battle of Wolken 4 (Wolkenkanone) Final - wolken4_final.pk3 and waypoints

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Download pk3 name: wolken4_final.pk3

Map name: wolken4_final.bsp

Author(s):  Chris Turner (chr1s)



Battle of wolken 4 - Wolkenkanone


To the horror of the Allied forces the Axis have managed to construct a monster sized cannon in the same vain as the Dora railgun back on Earth, only difference is that this new weapon named wolkenkanone runs on tank style treds rather than rail track. A test fire of this weapon is due later tonight if succesfull it wont be long till the tred system is operational and the weapon deployed on the battlefield. Allies must knock out this weapon before the test fire to avoid certain doom.




Disable the Turmfaust

Destroy the Main Entrance

Deliver the spare parts to the airplane

Repair the airplane

Blow an opening into the development site with the airplane

Destroy the Wolkenkanone control system.

wolken4_final waypoints.rar

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