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MLB Daybreak - mlb_daybreak.pk3 and waypoints - Enemy Territory Map


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MLB Daybreak - mlb_daybreak.pk3 and waypoints

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Download pk3 name : mlb_daybreak.pk3

Map name : mlb_daybreak.bsp


Level info:

Axis have to prevent Allies from launching the rocket. First they have to repair and escort the tank through 2 tank barriers to the main gates. Then they have to blow the generator, dam gates and rocket bay gates. They have to steal the pass card to unlock the armory, deliver 5 dynamites to the detonator and activate the detonator to destroy the rocket. Axis can build a spawn and CP once they have passed the main gates.

Allies have to prevent Axis from completing their objective. They can build 2 tank barriers to slow Axis down, build the CP and destroy the spawn Axis built.


  Don't let axis fight their way across the battle field.
  They must not get away with blowing up the rocket.
- Don't let axis repair & rob the tank
- Don't let the tank blow the main gate
- Stop Axis from building a forward spawn
- Protect the storage gate generator
- Protect the dam access gate
- Defend the rocket base entrance gate
- Don't let Axis get the keycard
- Don't let Axis place charges at the rocket

  Get hold of a damaged tank, repair it as use it to
  blast the main entrance of the Allied Fortress.
  Then infiltrate, get the keycard and get the 5
  charges to the rocket to blow it up.

mlb_daybreak waypoints.rar

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Yes, really good map, no laggs, huge map which is capable of big amount of players! it would be awesome to see it on jay2.

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