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Seriously what kind of system is this?


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A terrible one. I kinda doubt it, but it may attribute to him being african-american? But that's just me assuming that the CEO is caucasian.


Just looked back on that, and realised how ironic it is... WOW is right, Med...

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"40 months... slightly less than the 6 years prosecutors asked for."


6 Years = 72 months. 40 not slightly less than 72. First article also didn't say what his company was. I smell hoax.



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I might have found this surprising when I was ten. It's just expected now, though. Still, we've made progress. Just a few hundred years ago he would have had his hands hacked off for this sort of thing.


Progress. Slow, but assuredly. At least until--or if (ever optimistic!) humanity decides to irradiate itself out of existence.

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I agree, I think it's a hoax. I can't find anything else about it on Google from any reputable sources.


Edit, also I'd like to point out, they were unoriginal

That is the name of Microsoft's co-founder, who has never been to jail.

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