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anyone play any instruments?


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lol you can tell i'm pretty bored...

so anyone play any instruments?

i do... two of them, i used to play another, and i'm starting another, if you can call it an instrument. i started playing piano when i was four, and now i've been playing for about nine years. well, i'm trying to not brag, but i was considered a minor prodigy in music, so i went a lot further in music than many people of my level can play. i started playing violin about four years ago, and i'm considered a prodigy in that too...lol, music is my strong point. and i played cello for about three months, but i quit. hated it.

i sound nerdy, don't i? well, prepare for more nerdiness. i'm starting on voice lessons pretty soon. i have a nice mezzo-soprano (YES I AM A GIRL), so i'm starting on that. :D

hehe well when god gives you talents, you use them!


sorry if i sound like i'm bragging...i'm just curious about who plays what instrument and to see if anyone plays the same instruments as me.

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lol you can tell i'm pretty bored....


not thought to say anything bad about yourself because you barely know, but thanks for making this post, you're bored

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LOL im playing at my parents Nerves :)


well... I play rockband... does that count?? ROFL


OMG, you really makes me happy and know how make me laugh!!!!

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Started playing piano at 5

Saxophone at 10

Guitar at 12

Tuba at 16


I got offered a few vocal scholarships as well, I was a vocal production major my freshman year of college. Just couldn't stand music majors.

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Piano @ 4yr

Mostly Classical, Baroque, and Rag-time. I got beaten to death by my parents for this damn instrument for they wanted me to play Listz, Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven, Schuman, Bach, Shubert, and I can't think of anymore off the top of my head. Man did they kick my ass throwing me to play at events and recitals.


Saxophone @ 8

Mostly Jazz, some rag-time, and modern symphony. Danny Elfman was my favorite for saxophone parts.


Trombone @ 11

Mostly Jazz, rag-time, some marching bands, and modern symphony. I had to admit, playing the theme to Nickelodeon's "You Can't do that on Television" with a trombone hits the spot! Also playing John William's contemporary symphonic music such as Jurassic Park and Star War's musical score with trombone was the best. Ragtime with a trombone = LOUD


Groups I played: Jazzband, and advanced band, and some mishmash group in college. Otherwise, I don't consider myself a prodigy for these instruments. Just wanted to expand my abilities, and it's safe to say I am not tone deaf!! :lol:


Next Project: Zeusaphone.

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