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  2. anyone play any instruments?

    Piano ^^
  3. Super Killer

    i know who it is, his real nick is ''slayer'' with blue colour, and now he stole K!ller's nick using SUPER k!ller.. realy weird guy
  4. Just wanna say bb

  5. et server suggestion molotovs in jay2

    i dont like it at all.. it's to weird and imba.
  6. ME!!!!! im sexy now =)

    im sorry dude but pics like this are just pathetic... ( the first one )
  7. Rate The Above Users Avatar

    10/10 Goat, its a scene from a great swedish movie
  8. Anime, why not.

    DBZ and One Piece ftw
  9. Man i told you FG is not the best sniper =D Garand/k43 is better once u learn to use it But nice vid man keep it up!!!
  10. Know me and lets me meet you!!

    Yama you should meet my father he loves airplanes and knows everything about them( believe me he does), he have worked with them his entire life first withing military and now civilian ones... and ofc i love them to
  11. Know me and lets me meet you!!

    hah i play on FA 1 and FA 2.. mostly on FA 2
  12. Know me and lets me meet you!!

    Nice to meet you, good attitude the english is not the best i have seen but, who is perfect right? (i know i'm not) Welcome Macho
  13. yo all !!

    thx all i'm gonna try to stay active here
  14. yo all !!

    hey all i finally made it to the forum, i just wanna say hi to you all, i guess some of you know me (Since i play alot at FA and FA2) and my gaming nick is Act_of_Violence my Xfire is: iloveon add me if you want to... ok that's it see you all