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  1. Alex , Seaside And Baska Oovoo Chat

    HHAHAHAHAHHHAHHA... funny funny!!! wish I could join u guys... =( Miss you all!
  2. Happy Birthday Fem!

    The cake is coming outta the other end today... want some?
  3. Happy Birthday Fem!

    Thanks guys!
  4. Happy Birthday Fem!

    SHHHHH PEOPLE.. KEEEP IT LOW!!! ahahahah Thanks all of ya! Bunch of brown nosers.... But I like it.. ROFL
  5. LAZY OLD Player is back

  6. Mountain Dew or Dr Pepper?

    Between those 2... MD... Do the Dew... DP tastes like a really bad tasting cough syrup from the 80's... My fave soda is Guarana Antartica... made of a real fruit.. not too sugary... just perfect!
  7. Re-introduction of IronChef

    For all I know.. you are welcome to wear tags! Welcome back!
  8. I'm starting to think I Hax

    The point is not being better then you or better then him... the point is ... I was the best on those maps... something that NEVER EVER EVER happens... Because I do know that I suck playing... and I dont need to be showing off stats... so if you dont really know what the joke is about... just ... SHUUUUUSH!!! ... LOL cause u def hax... u haxor!! =P That's exactly why u love me....
  9. I'm starting to think I Hax

    ... call me Britney Ooops... I did it again!
  10. I'm starting to think I Hax

    ... I was making my hax while away
  11. I'm starting to think I Hax

    This is a miracle!!! Me on top of the list?? hahaha This is a FIRST... worthy of putting on my wall....
  12. What's your top 3 dream wishes?

    haha!!! 2 is funny!!! LOL
  13. What's your top 3 dream wishes?

    This is for me and everyone who I've become friends with.... 1. Health (Physical and Mental) 2. Wisdom (To make the right choices in life) 3. Enough money to pay the bills. Perfect health is always essential, but not always possible. Extra wisdom is always wanted but not always achieved. Extra money is always welcome, but not always essential. I guess having those three will bring balance to any life, doesn't matter how $$ rich or poor you are, or where you live.
  14. Who's line is it anyway! Hilarious

  15. Whose Line Is It Anyways

    with Robin Williams