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how many FA members are there

pedrorocks uk

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We proudly present 324 members living in 41 different countries all over the world!

According to our roster, we have 324 at the moment.

Do consider that not every member is active in the community anymore.

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454 members, and 216 trials


Wrong figures. Roster is broken since ages.


COD member - 71

COD: BO - 15

ET member - 144

Total Trial member (BC, ET, COD4, COD:BO, BF2, Brink, CSS) - 152.


Few of our ET members play Brink, COD4, BC, CSS, etc.


Active ET members - 60-74.


We don't remove inactive members and players play 3-4 months and then take vacation and play again. Real life :)

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thats definately some BIG clan :yahoo :yahoo


Small with less 15 then servers :) Plan is to run 25 in different games :)

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