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SLAC for other mods?


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Support for other mods other than ETPro


This is an update to the recent announcement regarding the next major SLAC update. Due to interest from people playing on servers not running ETPro, the next version of SLAC will have ability to also support other popular ET mods. Therefore, if you are a developer of a popular ET mod and would like to have support for it, please send an email to valsimot@ymail.com in order to establish some cooperation and make things go faster.


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The major issue on public server = registration and to load SLAC before starting game.


1000's of players still play on 2.55 and are reluctant to patch to 2.6b so you can imagine the PC tech level.


But if he adds support for other mod's we will be definitely running server with that mod + SLAC. :clap:


Looking forward for it!

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Id imagine there would be a way for users to be "registered" by SLAC without actually having to download and install a client-side exe. Their isnt any reason to have a random whitenamed player from a jaymod server to take up space in chaplja's database if he was only payed to support ETPro and the comp scene.

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I would also support SLAC for other mods.



Any viable alternative to PB is good.


The downside as stated earlier are the random white letered players who populate the servers, getting them to understand and download a client side exe. is improbable.

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Hey it's not ready yet(SLAC), maybe there will be another way to get it than downloading and installing it manually. Maybe if server is with SLAC-Addon, it will download and install it if you choose so? Or anyway, if you don't have SLAC and ur trying to connect SLAC-Addon server it will give some error/message like "This server uses and requires SLAC now (New AntiCheat), pls download and install it from http://blablabla.com. Thx". :P

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idk i had hella problems trying to get SLAC working, i run on Win7 so idk if thats my problem or what, but i was a bit drunk and it just pissed me off so i gave up and went back to etpub and said hell with it.

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idk i had hella problems trying to get SLAC working, i run on Win7 so idk if thats my problem or what, but i was a bit drunk and it just pissed me off so i gave up and went back to etpub and said hell with it.


What You need that You can use SLAC?


You need W:ET 2.60b and ETPro 3.2.6


BossHK's Easy 12 Step Tutorial How To Install And Use SLAC:


1. Go to http://sl-anticheat.com/register.php and Register. Now you have your own SLAC ID.

2. Read FAQ here: http://sl-anticheat.com/faq.php

3. Download SLAC here: http://sl-anticheat.com/downloads.php

4. Install SLAC by extracting .rar file somewhere, but not to ET folder.

5. Add SLAC files to your AntiVirus exception list. (see end of this post)

6. Open SLAC by double clicking SLAC.exe. This window will open: http://img638.imageshack.us/img638/84/slac1.png

7. Log In.

8. Press Browse and find and point ET.exe.

9. Put +set fs_game etpro to Command line options

10. Press Start the game. Now your ET will open with ETPro mod loaded.

11. Connect to any No-PB ETPro 3.2.6 server by opening your console and putting server IP and password there, like /connect [iP:Port]; password [password] ,for example /connect; password time2own

12. Play. If you want to see who is using SLAC, open console and type /sl_players. Now you should see players SLAC ID's, if someone is not using SLAC, his/her SLAC ID/Guid will be UNKNOWN. Picture: http://img39.imageshack.us/img39/7210/slac2.png


SLAC-Addon for servers has been released too. If you are connecting to server which have SLAC-Addon, you need SLAC to connect there(so its not possible to connect there without SLAC). On SLAC-Addon server you can use /sl_listplayers -command to see more information about players. Picture: http://img51.imageshack.us/img51/2695/slac3.png


When you disconnect from server, SLAC will close too.



"Q: My antivirus blocks SLAC from either being downloaded or executed, how do I fix this?"


"A: SLAC is protected against analyizing in order to make it harder for the cheat developers to analyze how the anticheat works. For the same reason some of the automated analyzes, performed by the antivirus software, fail, and the antivirus may announce a possible threat. If that happens, it's a false positive! SLAC files are clean and do not contain malware.


To solve this problem, you need to either disable your antivirus or, preferably, add anticheat files to the antivirus exceptions list. The relevant directories are the one you extracted slac archive to and %APPDATA%\SLAnticheat\. If you don't know how to do it, consult the help file of your antivirus."


Here are some short guides how to add SLAC to exception list: http://forum.sl-anticheat.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=3&sid=55dc9f8f12b39ae789a4d854a98ebf37

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