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  1. Been mine past 8 years or so, before that I changed and tried couple of different ones. Easier to see what's happening in this one. Though I pretty much stopped playing ET at the end of 2014 or so.
  2. I got only 8 that I have screenshotted, pre - 2010 And I died But 9 man with guns o/ Also pre - 2010. Fun times.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbrKsVHUlQ0 :-D
  4. Avi, every role is fine, friendly person(lie), still got all old erAse.et tactic files we can put to use.
  5. Was fun playing a scrim after 2 years
  6. Im lazy, CET date and time pls? Might hop in too if not busy.
  7. What's on your mind? Well, not much. Just got a notification that Haruhi Suzumiya has updated his status so I decided to see what's up. "Ridiculous", it says. I went straight to complaints section and noticed he has started a new topic. Read it through, was about to post something but then I remembered it is not preferred to post unrelated things to specific topics. Soon after I came back here and decided to write my first Status Update comment ever. Now I have wrote it and I...

  8. Well, that's my old "tutorial"(wouldn't call it exactly that) from 2009, imo better one and more fresh one can be found here at Tutorials section or just from my signature. Though it's kinda old one too and some links and pictures don't work anymore but it gives introduction to some settings that generally apply to fps games. Nice to notice people still get some value out of these guides Edit: Apparently I still have all the pictures on my harddrive, so I could upload them again and update the links to guide(soontm). Any decent image upping sites where pictures last and won't be removed after certain amount of time?
  9. BossHK

    Rate & Nudge

    http://www.crossfire.nu/articles/view/id/406 http://bani.anime.net/banimod/forums/viewtopic.php?t=6454&highlight=prediction+errors+antilag+madscientist http://www.crossfire.nu/articles/view/id/282 also tldr: cl_timenudge: "supposed to be for adjusting prediction for your ping. Don't bother, use antilag" About rate, sometimes it just doesn't stick, can't help you about that.
  10. What makes good fragger? Shoot first, don't get shot(move) and aim properly. Know your surrounding, stay sharp and do right decisions based on information available. And do all of this quickly. How to achieve it? Play ET, a lot of ET and then some more. The more you focus on improving and not just running around and killing some time, the more and faster you will improve. 10 000 hours in and you can considered yourself experienced.
  11. Server with a lot of people --> you need to shoot all the time --> with sten you can't --> bad choise of weapon. It's fun weapon but loses its meaning with crowded, and because of that little bit laggy, servers. It's precise weapon that can't be used properly with massive servers. Yes, you can frag well with it, but you would do better with smg's in same conditions. From teamplay aspect, it's limited because using smoke or blowing things up as covop rarely leads into anything. Someone might use the oppoturnity to advance more safely but not the majority of the team. It's better just to frag your way through and heal people afterwards with medpacks. That being said, if one or two people of team with 20 players plays as covops and actually uses good smokes and blows obstacles away, that's great. But most of the time thats not the case.
  12. Also r_customaspect "1" and r_mode "-1". My cfg :-)
  13. BossHK

    ET Pro

    I can also play but only if I can tryhard and play versus snatix and make him feel bad. I know I'm terrible person but snatix deserves it. He is french. BossHK

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