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How to create a server online free?


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Hello guys, can you help me with this one? I wan to play WET with some friends in an own server, so I need to create one for free.


I already have created one dedicated Jaymod local server, but it don't works online.



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from what i understand  you can't make a et server for free  you can make your own server to play on your self but you can't bring it online  you need a server host for that  

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4 hours ago, ____Xaavi said:

but it don't works online.


It should.  @Buckwild has done it before, in Silent mod.  


BTW, If you do get it going, do not share the IP with others on the FA Servers, the FA Forums or on FA Discord.  That might get you banned for "advertising". :( 



Of course, we would prefer that you and your friends play on an FA server! 😄  

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A friend of mine has done it before we had one called the Clown's Pocket ( no longer in service) which ran NQ. He ran the server right off of his personal computer. So I would suggest that if you are trying to run your own personal server on the same system you can't * at least I don't think you can* but if you have a dedicated system only for the in order to run Jaymod then you will be able to

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Its a bit tricky if you havent done that before, but not impossible.

You need to do some Port-forwarding in your Routers-Firewall to your dedicated LAN-ET-Server. To know what Port Forwarding is and how to enable it on your personal Router, you will need alot of google and Manuals.


Then you share the the Wan-IP with the forwarded Port to your friends and it should work.

(for example they type in their ET-Console


/Connect [your Wan-IP]:4455)


So your router knows that every packet on that port 4455 coming in, needs to be deliverd to the dedicated Lan-Ip-adress.


Usually ET is an UDP connection, but i configure always TCP and UDP,

and disable TCP afterwards to try if it still works.


Besides that, dont forget about the windows firewalls... They dont know your ports yet either, so enable them there too.


So far so good...



If you just want to play a bit with each other,

You guys can visit one of our almost empty servers, where usually not much people play, like 

/Connect fun2.clan-fa.com

/Connect nq2.clan-fa.com

/Connect classic.clan-fa.com


These servers are usually less frequented. 😉 And still public for everyone.


Another approach would be to use a freeware tool like "hamachi" wich provides a VPN for up to five people for free...

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