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  1. Hello guys, long time without able connect to forums, but I'm back right now. Hope see you on server jay1.
  2. Yeee, I'm back. I was inactive for a long time cuz I was studying. Next week i'm on vacations!
  3. Hello to everybody, I was ausent for a long time, but I'm back egain! I hope play with you guys as old times.
  4. Hello guys, I wanna say u I'm back. I had to travel for reasons of studies. I had to be concentrated on studies. I'm sorry so much for my absence , but I'm back now
  5. TY so much guys. Nice to meet you too Xavi from Barcelona hahahahaha
  6. Hello to everybody, i am Xavier, in game name: ____Xaaavi, i have 20 years hold, i've playing WET 11 years. I like play football and Dota 2. I study Administration. Usually, i play WET 4 hours daily. I like so much this comunity because i have so much fun. All members are nice. TY i hope to know you a little more.
  7. ____Xaavi