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Medieval towns in EU you should visit.


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Come in France if you like Castles :) 


This is a lovely city near from where I live, The only one who resisted to William the Conqueror :) 



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This is where i grew up. Famous for its Restaurant.

The view over the River-valley until the 50km far away Stuttgart is marvelous, especially on good clear days. 

We used to go there with Skateboards, City-Scooters and MTB´s, only to drive down the mountain road with 30-60 Kmh 😅.

I once took over a Taxi driving down the mountain with my 20€ City-Scooter after School... Ahh, these good ol days.




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As a Heidelberger myself, I can highly recommend visiting Heidelberg!



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Not really a town, and not really medieval but I was driving this morning and I found this in the middle of nowhere, I wanted to share it :) 


Le Chateau des Sourches 




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