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  1. Glad ,that you found us Enjoy your stay and have a good hunting
  2. When people are acting nice you assume they are lying 

    1. L3ftY.


      its when they lie, you might assume they are acting nice

    2. Barn!e



      love this channel :)

    3. Barn!e


      ill summarize:: 5% of life is what happens to you and 95% is how you react..

  3. Flag

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy B-Day mate
  4. Flag

    Happy birthday !

    Happy B-Day ya all
  5. Hehe Got fired Lol

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    2. CheepHeep


      Why is everyone getting fired? Are you okay flag? What happened?

    3. Sonofdoc


      That sucks :(, best of wishes.

    4. Flag


      @Vindstot I sure will and i will be strong if i got Beer with me

      @CheepHeep I showed my ba**ls , thats why

      @Sonofdoc I know it sucks, but every end is a new beginning


      Lets hope i get my final payment or.... the ninjas will get involved :ninja:

  6. Hi and Welcome to our Forum
  7. back Miss Sarina visit jay3 also
  8. Remove Saberpeak This map should be only played on Gamedays If axis dont care about object then allies get warnings for rushing. This map requires good teamwork,, but as we all can see, some aim for rating instead of support + it drains everytime the server.
  9. Niiice , could use some acid on that +1
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