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ET enemy territory


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I don't see the FA website in the external links.. there is a problem ? 😛 


It's funny how the french page for it is not at all a translation of the english one 😄

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Will Ferrell Lol GIF by NBA


 Should i edit it abit to advertise FA a little ??????🤔



Lets see how long this will last 🤭



Edited by Vice86
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Maybe it will need confirmation, I don't see it yet :) 


But I don't understand.. the german page talk about anticheats, we can promote FA here 😄

There is so much things on it compared to the english one :) 

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I would be careful about editing the Wiki-ET pages.  It could start an Edit-War! 😄  ( and accusations of FA "leeching" players, etc., etc. 😮 ) 

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