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i us and pay for norton  now i have used for it for a good 20+ years and i never got a virus or anything like that  since then  

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7 hours ago, c4sh said:

I use Windows Defender and common sense 😛 

100%!! All those AV's are a waste of time, money and resources. Defender and Malwarebytes once a month is all you need.

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I use also just what came with win10 and sometimes if I remember spybot. I dont really use common sense tho, I just asked my wife to delete my browser history if I die suddenly 😝

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All variants of Avast and other antiviruses can be beaten up against your ass. If you are tempted by another antivirus, install it when you need it. If you don't need it, de-install it. Why have it in the background to download resources = slow down the computer. 🤔


If you came across a Trojan, Windows Defender has no problem. I also use Dr.Web. It looks for viruses in startup files. But if you come across a virus, it may not be interesting. If the virus is not so malicious, you will delete it and nothing will happen the next day. There are viruses that open cmd windows for you and you can't get rid of them. Only reinstalling the system (not format, but deletion of partitions). 🙄


If you want to be virus free, do not download games from trents, especially programs. Well, unless from a proven guest. 🤔


PS. You don't have to think in an antivirus program. Cleaning up the contents of your hard drive takes a little headache. Especially in the case of extensive operations.

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