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ET Field Ops weapons

R3D Warrior19

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I always need time to remember the different names 😛 


A good tutorial about that :) 


It depends of the situations,

Airstrikes when there is an urgent need of protect an objective, when there is a lot of ennemies. That's more to defense for me ( defend an objective when you attack also ) 

Arty more when you attack to make a way, to block a pass for your team, or in defense to kill everybody who get out of the spawn.. 


The both are useful but depends of the situations. 




4 minutes ago, kYmo said:

Arty because they can't see it. 

Depends of the servers but on some you have something on your screen when you're in an arty place and you need to move quickly :) 

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31 minutes ago, FRANK UK said:


boom GIF

Yeah the felling of ultra kills is like that :) 

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Cvops > Soldiers > Engi > Rambo > That guy who basically only suicide panzer himself on the first enemy > Fops


I'd pick arty tho

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For me airstrike :D, map goldrush all go with truck and I throw Airstrike under my legs and kick for truck. Ludricious kill!

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