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  1. Today I'll ask you what would you choose between Akimbo Luger and Akimbo Colt?? Be honest like always
  2. What is your favorite movie or movies? Be honest like usual :))
  3. Would you choose dynamite or satchel charge if Engi/Cv. Ops? Be honest
  4. What's your favorite class between the 5 ones?? Be honest :)))
  5. Would you choose to rush(storm the front) or stealth? Be honest :))
  6. Steaua Bucharest❤,Liverpool❤ and BVB
  7. R3D Warrior19


    What's your favorite football team?? Be honest :)))
  8. Scoped FG42 or Scoped Garand?? Be honest :))
  9. Pineapple grenade or Stielhandgranate?? Be honest!!
  10. Good day, I will start this topic by asking you what types of food you prefer.As usual,be honest
  11. Soo,if you would have been a Field Ops which of the following ones you would choose: artillery or airstrike? Be honest
  12. R3D Warrior19

    ET Server Suggestion NQ #1 Map Suggestions

    I will only suggest adding new maps for Lighthouse final Bloody Omaha Teutoburg Forest Al Kad Beta 3 Towers race B6 JFF Playground B3 Budapest B2 Gold rush London B1 UJE Convoy Final 1944 Norwind Final 1944 Cherbourg Final Coast B1 1944 Beach Quite a lot,but I would like to see at least 5 of these for the further rotation and these are:Lighthouse final,1944 Beach,Goldrush London B1, Budapest B2 and Towers Race B6. Regarding the rest of them I consider they also must be included for the further rotations for newness
  13. R3D Warrior19

    ET NQ #1 New maps

    I would like to propose some ideas linked to new maps exclusively for NQ1 as this one's my favorite. The ideas are as follows: -stadiums/football maps(might sound impossible but it is what it is ) -Maps like UT2004 ones or any others that look alike -And the final suggestion is maps that resemble WWII(more precisely the places where they occurred) These are my suggestions and I firmly hope that they will be put one time into the server.
  14. R3D Warrior19


    In your thoughts,who are/were the best rappers that you may have heard of or simply listened to?? Again,be honest
  15. So, today I will ask you Scoped Garand or Scoped K43? Be honest
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