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  1. with that much experience now, you better be hitting those 720-ladderstall-mickeyflip-suicide panz headshots, gotta live up to the stats!
  2. HURMA

    ET DPI mouse

    Putting my 2 cents in, always played with a pretty barebone cfg in ET. Currently playing at 1600 DPI 2.05 IG sens with a 500hz mouse at default 85 fps. Although I believe some settings may help, never really bothered with them. Just practicing got me to about 53-60% acc range most games. Always ran higher sens in every FPS I played, I suggest you just go with what feels right to you and other than that practice practice practice. (Aimtrainers such as Aimbeast, Aimlab, Kovaak may help you improve more rapidly due to the fact that you'll notice your errors / weak points in there much e
  3. HI, HURMA 1ST POST FA FORUMS <3333333333 Discuss i like men
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