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Any adrenaline junkies here?


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I'm not really an adrenaline junkie but did Jungle parc a few years ago in Mallorca with my daughter, i gave up 2/3 way round as was knackers but she finished all the courses and holds it over me...grrrr 



Also did zip world in wales (UK), was a great day but quite expensive. Did the carts, coaster and the velocity zipline






Forest Coaster




Daughter is banging on about parachute dive but fooook that...i draw the line with that one...NOOOOOOO thank you.  She still doing it next year though once she is 18 etc and doesn't need her parents signature, wife not happy but hey ho lol

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Greetings from Austria 

It's just amazing here we did the Mega Swing and Rafting so far.

And of course the water park (slides, plop, water canon etc.)

Tommorow Canyoning tour and then it goes back home again :(

Let's see if the videos of my GoPro are good maybe i'll sharethem then :)

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This weekend me and some friends are doing our next trip to Area47


This time we are doing


Rafting tour (lvl 3)


Canyoning tour (lvl2)


Wish me luck and good adrenaline 😄

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