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ScreenShot Error

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Today I happen to take a screenshot my game unexpectedly closed. I do not remember well but something like that was *the temporary folder is not found*, 

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25 minutes ago, absoluto said:

*the temporary folder is not found*, 

What is your version of ET or ETlegacy and what is your Operating System?


That error might be related to a non-ET issue on your System.


Searching for that phrase finds a lot of pages about WordPress and some about phpBB.



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3 hours ago, HOTSPUR said:

Why the bump of a 4, Yr old post by a  cheater? 

I should have 'split' his first post before I made my reply. :(


I just did the 'split', but had to do it on each and every reply made later.  That will teach me. :D

I think that Absoluto was searching for a topic with a problem similar to his.  The original topic did not provide an answer to that problem, nor to his now.  I tell people that when they make such "help me" posts, and then they discover the answer, to "please post your fix", so that later searchers and readers are helped.


That may also help other Searchers on the Internet, too, not just our community here.



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5 hours ago, Chuckun said:

You most likely just need to run ET as admin if you get errors like that.


4 hours ago, captnconcrete said:

could also be u reinstalled et an u have no demo folder in et  u need to create folder ur self. in each mod.

Yes, if you have ET installed in "C:/Program Files", then Windows 'protects' those files, perhaps even from ET itself! :o 


That might also cause problems when trying to save any new settings that you make to ET when you are running it.


I keep forgetting that aspect of ET because I now have it installed on a "D:" drive on this computer.

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In Windows 10 if the game is not run as Administrator it will not create the screenshots folder in etmain if the default install location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\etmain and it will either return as a unexpected error or nothing at all depending on windows setup in home edition as for pro it does nothing at all


If you still have trouble after using Administrator settings assign control of the folder WolfET to the user signed in


Right click on Wolf folder click on Properties, then click on the Security Tab on the top and click the Edit button in the middle


It will open the Security tab then you just click on the Users (Name of PC/Users) and on the bottom box give control to the user by checking the full control check box and click apply then ok 


This will make the folder the users property and you don't have to run as Administrator ever again 

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