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Raw Castle Tournament Edition | raw-castle-te-final-2011.zip

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About This File

The allied army has taken a farm in East Anglia. There is a castle down the hill, the Axis are using it as their stronghold.

The fortress is strongly defended by an old big wall which the Allies will have to pass through.

Valuable documents are resting in a vault inside the castle. Will the Allies be able to steal and transmit them?



1 .Primary : Steal the secret Documents.

2 .Primary : Transmit the Documents.

3 .Primary : Blow up the Main Wall and secure the Forward Spawn.

4 .Primary : Destroy the Castle Main Door.

5 .Primary : Blow up the Vault Door guarding the Documents.

6 ..Secondary : Capture the Tower Spawn.

7 ..Secondary : Destroy the Side Wall and get easier access to the Axis Castle.

8 ..Secondary : Construct the Command Post.



1 .Primary : Protect the Documents.

2 .Primary : Prevent Allies from transmitting the Documents.

3 .Primary : Defend the Main Wall.